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You are visiting one of the nation’s premier public/media relations sources, and our aim is to place your product in the care of our effective international contacts.
 Learn the business of Public Relations and professional writing in the entertainment and business spectrums from professionals who work side by side with well-known public figures. Call us at (817) 681-6068.  You will learn the fundamentals of an exciting career, how to build a public relations business that garners success and prestige.


The objective at PBPR is to quench the public’s thirst for a memorable experience  in entertainment,  sports, business, and motivational lectures/seminars. The achievement of our goals rests on the implementation of customized public relations strategies that facilitate the sale of our client’s goods and services. Our record speaks for itself: Phil Brown Public Relations is a proven force in successful national and international publicity campaigns. Increased public recognition of each entity we represent is our aim, and judging from our present pool of satisfied clients, its effectiveness speaks for itself. It is, therefore, our extreme pleasure to partner with quality entities in promoting unique music, literature, sports, and business concepts.


From the bustling streets of San Francisco to the towering peaks of Manhattan’s Lower Eastside and from the rolling hills of Texas to the frozen lakes of Minnesota, Phil Brown’s unmistakable trail of media accomplishments is well-documented. His zest for writing, entertainment marketing and international public relations is the byproduct of early exposure to the performing arts and business. His recognition of the need for preserving good commentary, wholesome competition, and positive representation in the sprawling communication spectrum is well-known.
Since effective marketing, promotions, and public relations are crucial to the longevity of a business or a career, Brown’s priority is the public image and the ultimate commercial success of each client he represents, whether corporate, entertainment, athletic, or governmental.
Before developing an international presence, Brown worked in regional markets as a journalist (Dallas/Ft. Worth), reviewing concerts, books, movies, lectures, and conducting one-on-one interviews with the world’s best-known performers and authors. This experience proved invaluable to the kind of presentation that has made Brown’s ventures a success.
After graduating from Mission High School in San Francisco, Brown invested the next four years in New York where he attended the WBTS Training and Education Center. While there, he was a featured speaker on special assignments on the East Coast, taught a free public speaking class to inner-city residents in two New York City boroughs, and participated in a variety of non-paying but rewarding community-based activities.
After fulfilling his commitment, Brown lectured on social/religious topics, current events, and he experimented with small-business startup ventures. This further sharpened his rhetorical and business skills and prepared him for undertakings that involved extensive writing.
In 2003, Brown partnered with New York-based True Life/Navarre (presently Universal Music Group) as Director of Public Relations, and in 2006, he was instrumental in signing singer Ben E. King and composer Peter Cor (Getaway for Earth, Wind, and Fire) to record deals.
Among other clients who requested Brown’s services are Rock & Roll Hall-of-Fame inductees Sly & The Family Stone (Jerry Martini, Rose Stone, and Cynthia Robinson), Martha Reeves & the Vandellas, Tito Jackson (Tito Time), Jermaine Jackson, and The Miracles. Other acts included The Lowrider Band, Jazz Crusaders, Charles Wright (Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band), and Kim Weston.
In 2007, Brown contracted with Motor City Hits record label and Hits Talent Agency (Detroit-based organizations) to arrange concert tours and festivals. This partnering included marketing tour packages.
That same year, he coordinated Ben E. King’s television duet with Tony Orlando during the Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon. Mr. King also performed on The Late Show with David Letterman that year. In 2009, King made his final appearance on national television, performing with Sean Kingston on Good Morning America. Freda Payne also performed masterfully on the season’s top-rated American Idol television production (1969).
In 2010, PBPR broke Connecticut-based singer Arika Kane into the national television spotlight with her debut performance on The Monique Show. Arika’s song “Make It” is the theme song for VH1’s hit television reality show Hollywood Exes, produced by Jeff Dyson. Brown also served as media-relations specialist for On The Beam, a Dallas-based entertainment television Show.
Brown believes that the collective arts are divine gifts and that we are all made better because of this blessing. His aim is to continue to labor at preserving great music, literature, and art for future generations.
For more than a decade, Phil Brown has shared with music students and thousands of enthusiasts on the complexities of the ever-changing entertainment and communication worlds. Students who desire a career in the competitive entertainment arena wonder about contracts, options, letters of intent, and performance rights organizations, how they are structured and what to look for in the fine print. Others aspire to the business side of the industry and are interested in careers behind the scene in journalism, marketing, radio promotions, media relations, artist management, concert promotions, and booking agents. In laymen’s terms: how product transitions from the recording studio and manufacturing to the local Best Buy, Target, or Internet retailer. All lectures include a syllabus outline and a question & answer segment.
Fees for public speaking requests to colleges and other institutions are assessed at the time of inquiry. Educational institutions may be given special consideration. Mr. Brown has written for entertainment magazines and major metropolitan dailies.
For speaking or interview requests for artists, contact the assignment desk:
(817) 681-6068 Fax (817) 498-7075, Phil Brown on Facebook
— In 2017-18, Phil C. Brown Public Relations embarks on a series of media approaches designed to assist businesses, schools, entertainers and sole proprietors in spreading the news about programs, products, and events. This includes large and small companies and institutions of higher education.

Tito Jackson’s debut album is Tito Time and is presently available.


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