Warren “Pete” Moore — ROCK N’ ROLL and Grammy Hall of Famer

The Miracles featuring Sydney Justin will perform at a venue near you!
Motown's Miracles
The original Miracles: William “Smokey” Robinson, Claudette Robinson, Ronnie White, Warren “Pete” Moore, and Bobby Rogers —

The Grammy Museum pays tribute to Legends of Motown: Celebrating The Miracles — 2017

The prestigious Grammy Museum continues to explore the matchless  legacy and limitless influence of Motown Records by unveiling Legends Of Motown: Celebrating The Miracles —

Pete Moore on left
Warren “Pete” Moore in front left with a few good friends, including “Smokey” Robinson and Berry Gordy Jr. (center), Bobby Rogers, and current lead singer Sydney Justin.  Top photo: The Miracles receive STAR on Hollywood Walk Of Fame, including Claudette Robinson.

THE MIRACLES: The first act signed to Motown 50-years-ago!

members of the Miracles singing live onstage
Rock And Roll Hall of famers inducted in 2012 — (Smokey Robinson was inducted earlier)

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  • Warren Moore
  • Claudette  Robinson
  • Bobby Rogers
  • Ronnie White

“It is my honor to be recognized by the GRAMMY Museum’s Legends of Motown series. I am very grateful that the GRAMMY Museum has provided a platform for fans to experience the history of the Miracles and include items from my private collection to be displayed. The Miracles along with Mr. Berry Gordy and Motown have become a part of musical history that changed the landscape of popular music, soul and R&B to foster positive and progressive race relations in America and around the world. Thank you for the amazing opportunity.” Claudette Robinson

The Miracles

WARREN “PETE” MOORE (upper-left) a composer of the biggest-selling Motown song ever, “Love Machine,” and arranger on all of The Miracles gargantuan hits.


Multi-talented BMI/ASCAP and Grammy award-winning composer Warren “Pete” Moore was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame museum’s pantheon of greats in 2012 with other members of Motown’s first and longest-standing singing group, The Miracles. In addition to his near limitless musical aptitude, the multi-platinum marquee artist is also a successful businessman, embarking upon a plethora of innovative ventures inside and outside of the ever-changing entertainment spectrum spanning decades. Additionally, his philanthropically-motivated acts in behalf of the less-fortunate are a tribute to his beneficent spirit. As a lyricist, Pete’s superb credential for exceptional phrasing is among the most respected and successful in the annals of contemporary composers. His breathtaking, international hits not only define an era, but they reveal a progressive nuance woven into an inexhaustible reservoir of endless musical treasures. In 1975, Pete and fellow Miracle Billy Griffin composed “Love Machine, the explosive #1 hit on Billboard’s Hot 100. It stayed on the charts for 24 consecutive weeks before reaching the #1 position, establishing the all time record for the most consecutive weeks that a song remained on the charts before reaching the top position. It became the biggest hit ever for The “mighty” Miracles. ” Love Machine,” from the City Of Angels album, was also a smash in the United Kingdom and many non-English-speaking countries. This globe-encircling dance tune also became the biggest-selling single in the history of Motown Records, being recorded or sampled by a bevy of established acts representing the who’s who of major record labels. Included is Wham! featuring lead singer George Michael. It was quickly adopted by disco and is still a favorite on classic rock and classic R&B radio. Even the toy industry has become love struck by “Love Machine,” making toy dolls (hippo, puppy, clown) singing “Love Machine” and dancing to it! That toy-making venture has proved successful for the song’s writers. Pete and his partners are planning for the next phase of a “Love Machine” doll for the 2016-2017 retail season. Adding to Pete’s memorable discography are many other super-hits that included co-writers. One of them was a fellow Detroit wordsmith — William “Smokey” Robinson. “Ooh Baby Baby” (covered by Ella Fitzgerald, “Tracks of My Tears” (covered by Aretha Franklin), “Since I Lost My Baby,” “Going To A-Go-Go,” and a smorgasbord of additional hits all became cosmic jams, including a fluent cover of “It’s Growing” by rocker James Taylor, bookmarked a generation of music aficionados. These songs and other compositions by this vortex of writers have been sampled by a host of artists including The Rolling Stones, Linda Ronstadt, and Luther Vandross. “Do It Baby,” the other big hit with Griffin singing lead, also reached international status and was covered by other artists. These timeless classics have proved sweet for advertisers as they can be heard in movies, jingles, television shows and Internet adds. Coming to America, The Big Chill, Cooley High, Platoon, A Bronx Tale and Monsters Inc. have all used Pete’s music to push their products. In 2009, Pete, as a member of The Miracles, received a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame in recognition of an overwhelming impact on the entertainment industry. In attendance at the ceremony was Stevie Wonder, who remarked: “Were it not for the Miracles, there would be no Stevie Wonder.” Berry Gordy, the founder of Motown Records, said: “If it weren’t for The Miracles, there would be no Motown.” In fact, were it not for The Miracles, who were Motown’s original staff-writers, the Temptations, Four Tops, Supremes, and Marvin Gaye may never have become super-stars. Paul McCartney, lead singer for The Beatles, said that their classy wardrobe image was “inspired by The Miracles” and that “the thought of the group writing their own songs came from The Miracles, who wrote their own music.” From Pete’s first platinum-selling hit with The Miracles in 1960, “Shop Around,” until now, Pete’s career has taken on dimensions he could have never imagined. He is without question one of our consummate lyricists, and he continues to receive awards from organizations — domestic and abroad. He is the present CEO of WBMM Enterprises, a Las Vegas-based firm founded by him. In 2015, he began a media junket, doing interviews to discuss future ventures and plans, including working on his complete memoir for his upcoming autobiography. Warren “Pete” Moore is more than a distinguished singer, composer, and entrepreneur; he is a national treasure whose accomplishments will not only flourish today but will stand the test of time! Musicologist Pete Moore will be available for A History Of American Music speaking engagements to select entities. Contact our speaking desk for booking Pete Moore at (817) 681-6068.

LOVE MACHINE DOLL — Even the toy industry has become love struck by The Miracles’ “Love Machine,” and they are making toy dolls (hippo, puppy, clown) that sing “Love Machine” and dance to it! That toy-making venture has proved successful for the song’s writers. Pete and his partners are planning for the next phase of a “Love Machine” doll for the 2016-2017 retail season. Click on the link to hear them sing and dance:miracles-grammy-award

Pete -- Harry Reid tribute to Pete Moore for outstanding achievements
Senator Harry Reid’s tribute
The Miracles founding members
The Miracles founding members


Pete Moore –Arnie Amber –WMBS radio, Feb.7, 11am
Pete Moore — Arnie–WMBS radio, Mar. 18 11am Part 2
Pete Moore –The Funk show, 3pm Pacific Coast, Mar.25
Pete Moore — Luscious Lynn Show — 9:15am, Part 1 Mar.30
Pete Moore–Erika Blue — Ozcat radio 10:15 am April 2
Pete — WANM, Thursday, April 9 at 1:30 PM, Radio 90.5
Pete Moore — WVON radio — chicago — 5:30 pm April 10 Pete –Alex Ward, KPBI Radio, April 13, 11 am
Pete –Alex Ward, Sirius Satellite, April 13, 11 am
Pete — Alex Ward, KTRQ Radio, April 13, 11 am
Pete Moore — WOAP (Sue) Detroit at 6:15am April 15
Pete with Erika Blue –10:15 am — Part 2 April 16
Pete with Mike kelsey –WHUR –DC- April 18 at 7 am
Pete–JL–WACR Radio on Monday,April 20, 2:10 PM, MS
Pete — WVUD 91.3 FM– Phil Barnes — April 21 at 4:15pm
Pete — Luscious Lynn –KKFI — 9:15 am– Part 2 April 20
Pete — JL Columbus at WTWG radio — 2:10 pm, April 22
Pete — Big Jim –WEAA Radio — 6:15 am — April 25
Pete–Chaz Jean–10am WNAV,Radio–Kentucky–April 22
Pete Moore– Alan Vick 7:30 AM April 27
Pete –Finley Hill — KUAP — 1PM, Pine Bluff April 28
Pete — Mike Kelsey- WHUR — May 2 at 7 am — DC
Pete — Doc Shanks — WBAD –12 noon, May 4, MS
Pete — Wanda Evers — WMPR — May 3 at 1:30 PM, MS
Pete Moore–Alan Price–Golden Oldies Radio –12:00 May 12
Pete–Ted Bell — 12:30 PM — WVCO Surf radio
Pete–JL–WTWG Radio on Monday, April 20,at 2:10 PM, MS
Pete — WVUD 91.3 FM– Phil Barnes — April 21 at 4:15pm
Pete–Kojac on WKRA Radio on Thursday, April 30 at 11am
Pete — Jigga JT –WZKS — 2pm Thu, Apr30, 2PM, MS
Pete — WHOV Radio — Kevin Anderson — May 12 at 1:15 PM
Pete–WCSU Radio–Trent Darby–8:30 am–April 28, Ohio
Pete — Jay Holcey, WVAS radio–May 5, 12 noon — Alabama
Pete–Joshua Grandison,WMKY radio, 11:30, April 17,KY
Pete–Donald Mason, WRFL radio, 6:30, May 19, KY
Pete — WURC–8am-Sharon Goodman-Hill, May 21, MS

Paulette Robinson -- First woman signed to Motown Records --
Claudette Robinson — First woman signed to Motown Records
Las Vegas Mayor Goodman honors Pete
Las Vegas Mayor Goodman honors Pete

Love Machine commercial — Pete Moore — composer

The Miracles -- earlier photo
Warren “Pete” Moore (far left) and The Miracles featuring Billy Griffin (center)

Warren “Pete” Moore




Pete Awards

Hollywood Walk of Fame event
Miracles unveiling their star on Hollywood Walk of Fame —
Some songs co-written by Warren “Pete” Moore —
 Platinum and Gold songs included:
Ain’t Nobody Straight in L.A.
Ain’t That Peculiar
Choosey Beggar
Come on Do the Jerk
A Fork in the Road (The Miracles song)
Going to a Go-Go (song)
Heaven Knows (Taylor Hicks song)
Here I Go Again (The Miracles song)
I’ll Be Doggone
It’s Growing
Love Machine (The Miracles song)
My Baby (The Temptations song)
My Girl Has Gone
One More Heartache
Ooo Baby Baby
Since I Lost My Baby
Take This Heart of Mine
That’s What Love Is Made Of
The Tracks of My Tears
Scan-- Pete Moore -- Muhammed Ali
Pete with wife Tina and Muhammad Ali and wife Lonnie with friends



Even the toy industry has become love struck by “Love Machine,” making toy dolls (hippo, puppy, clown) singing “Love Machine” and dancing to it! That toy-making venture has proved successful for the song’s writers. Pete and his partners are planning for the next phase of a “Love Machine” doll for the 2016-2017 retail season. Click on the link to hear them sing and dance:

Love Machine doll sings and boogies!


House of Blues  Dallas, TX,  Jan. 28, 2016 — Wadsworth Theater, Los Angeles, CA Feb. 11, 2016. Madame Walker Theater, Feb. 14, 2016, Indianapolis, IN –Clayton County Schools, Mar. 12, 2016, Atlanta, GA — Green Valley Ranch Casino, Mar. 20, Las Vegas, NV — Charleston Coliseum, May 7, 2016, Charleston, SC — Agora Theatre, May 21, 2016, Cleveland, OH (schedule not complete — more dates coming) —

The Miracles Fact Sheet
1956 – Bobby Rogers, Claudette Robinson, Warren “Pete” Moore, Ronnie White, and William “Smokey” Robinson Unite to form the Miracles.
1958 – Miracles release their first single “Got A Job” for New York based End Records.
1959 -“Bad Girl” is the first Miracles single to enter the National Hot 100.
1960 – “Shop Around” peaks at #1 R&B and #2 pop. Miracles give Motown it’s first gold record.
1961 – Miracles make their debut at the Apollo.
1961 – The Miracles release thier first album “Hi…We’re The Miracles”.
1962 – “You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me” peaks at #1 R&B and #8 pop.
1963 – Miracles make their national television debut on American Band Stand performing “Mickey’s Monkey” and was #8 pop.
1963 – Miracles headline first Motor-Town Revue with Mary Wells, The Supremes, The Contours and Martha & Vandellas. Tour travels for 96 one nighters by bus through the east and deep south.
1965 – Claudette Robinson retires from live performances with the Miracles though she continues to record on every Miracles recording.
1965 – Pete Moore recieves two BMI Acheivement Awards for “I’ll Be Doggone” and “A’int That Percular” recorded by Marvin Gaye.
1965 – “OoH Baby Baby” and “The Tracks Of My Tears” achieve gold status.
1965 -Miracles headline British Tamla-Motown tour. Show is filmed by the BBC for Ready Steady Go! hosted by Dusty Springfield.
1966 – “Going To A Go-Go” goes gold, Miracles make their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show.
1967 – Motown changes groups billing to Smokey Robinson & The Miracles. Motown’s reasoning is that there are now two headliners in one entity.
1967 – “I Second That Emotion” reaches #1 R&B and #4 pop.
1967 – Miracles receive their 12th gold record.
1967 – Pete Moore receives BMI Acheivement Award for “The Tracks Of My Tears”.
1968 -Miracles perform at Command Performance for Queen Elizabeth.
1969 -“Baby, Baby Don’t Cry” goes gold and peaks at #8 pop.
1970 – Smokey announces his retirement. Billy Griffin begins touring with the group as the fifth Miracle.
2006 – Miracles celebrate 50 years in the entertainment industry.
2009 – Miracles receive their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.



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