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                   “EXPRESS YOURSELF” — Theme song for The Emojimovie —  CHARLES WRIGHT  — COMPOSER

                          Coming — August 2017     
Legendary singer/composer Charles Wright’s mega-hit song “Express Yourself” has been chosen to provide the thematic thrust for what promises to be the breakout animation movie of 2017 (August), a 3-D computer-animated summer release entitled The Emojimovie. This state-of-the-art film is a Sony Pictures Animation, and it brings to life the images used by nearly everyone in online messaging today. The movie’s hilarious screenplay is based on the story by Eric Siegel and Tony Leondis. Leondis also directs the film, and Michelle Raimo Kouyate is its producer. At the 2016 CinemaCon (a meeting of theater owners), it was announced that The Emojimovie would be set in the digital world — in a smartphone. Very smart! The film’s eclectic cast includes T.J. Miller,Ilana Glazer, and James Corden. And, oh yes! Originally entitled Emojimovie: Express Yourself, the name was changed to The Emojimovie only weeks ago. “Express Yourself,” a smash hit in the 1970s and perhaps the most familiar commercial tune today, was composed and produced by world-famous musician, composer, and entrepreneur Charles Wright. The tune was selected because of its enormous success and decades-long airing in endless television commercials, including the iPad, and on sensational movie soundtracks. Interestingly, a great theme song in a trailer and a movie can do wonders in generating subtle interest in a film. When you witness this movie in August, notice how the storyline and Wright’s undulating vocals dovetail to an inseparable union. And observe how Wright’s emotive sound (one of the most recognizable voices in all of music) energizes the jargon of the film’s comical characters and has the audience bobbing their heads to the tune’s unforgettable bassline. Wright’s songs have been covered by a kaleidoscope of international acts, including the great Ray Charles, Les McCann, Della Reese, Roger Troutman & Zapp, The Ohio Players, and the Swiss Lon Genes Symphony Orchestra. During the emergence of hip-hop in the 1980s, many rap and pop artists sampled Wright’s funk-filled catalog, including N.W.A., Brand Nubian Funk, Naughty By Nature, Gang Starr, and Sean “P. Diddy” Combs. And since then and not to be left out, the film industry quickly got in on the act by featuring the song in a host of memorable films: Mr. And Mrs. Smith, Cheaper By The Dozen, The Little Fockers, Panther, and The People Vs. Larry Flint are but a few projects that leased the timeless song for their thespian ventures. An assortment of other entities such as Bitburger Beer, Algida Ice Cream, Nokia, The PGA, U Draw, Tide Soap, Nike, Burger King, Singer Sewing Machine, and Kinko’s received a boost in sales through use of “Express Yourself.” The song has also been used in the spring ad campaign for Kohl’s, the NBA’s “I Love This Game” campaign, and Good Morning America’s “Advice Guru” talent search. It is indeed, one of the most-sampled songs in music history with a message that resonates to young and mature listeners. But one of the most important uses of this 1970s classic is Charles Wright’s re-arrangement of “Express Yourself,” a message for youth to “Protect Yourself” from sexually transmitted diseases. For additional information on Charles Wright’s new book Up!From Where We’ve Come and his music, go to or contact media below.
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