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Millie L. McGhee is not your everyday variety-type wordsmith:  She was in her forties ( (yes, her forties) before she could effectively read a simple paragraph. She was virtually illiterate. But today the McComb, Mississippi-born lecturer is not only an avid reader and author, she is an expert on  the genesis of the most powerful law-enforcement sleuth in US history and the first Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, J. Edgar Hoover.  But what really makes her next book, a follow-up to What’s Done In The Dark,  something jaw-dropping is her little-known kindred relationship with  this larger-than-life American detective. Her upcoming and revealing literary work is not an expose’; it is a well-scripted, meticulously researched genealogical revelation of contemporaneous familiy’ quilts interwoven by a common thread. Her Sherlock Holmes-like instincts led her to a discovery that is truly one for the ages. Keep on the watch for the 2018 book release. We will keep you updated.

                                                                                                                                                          Millie L McGhee has many goals, and not least among them is to contribute to the eradication of illiteracy in America and around the globe. Her primary focus is on the youth of America, especially those who come from economically disadvantaged communities, urban and rural.  She established a youth academy and extracurricular programs designed to assist left-behind youth who want to attend college or trade schools. Much of what Millie does is beyond normal school hours, which requires her to sacrifice time away from her family and personal matters. “But it’s all worth it,” said Millie, “when I see students that I taught graduating from college or receiving acting credits in a feature film.” An actress and vocalist herself, she considers the arts to be vital to the emotional and mental stability of all young ones. She has received a plethora of awards: from Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley to receiving the Key to the City of Pine Bluff, Arkansas. She is the author of four well-written books because “writing,”she opines,  “is one of the best ways to share  ideas with students and adults everywhere.” Millie’s exciting journey is just beginning, and if she has anything to say about the future, it is that the best is yet to come!
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By Phil C. Brown

Millie L. McGhee’s upcoming  literary work is not designed to cast aspersions on any of the true-life characters mentioned, including the former F.B.I. Director, J. Edgar Hoover. Nor is it a scurrilous tell-all snooping into the private life of John Q. Public. What this volume contains will capture the interest of many who are interested in a profoundly revealing  American story. Its purpose is to illuminate an important part of the most powerful country in existence — how many of it’s citizens of varying pedigree are often woven together by a single biological thread or bloodline. The link between cultures and class can be verified through the preservation of verifiable written documents and reliable oral history. In generations before ours, oral history accounted for much of the information regarding families, tribes, regions and expanded populations. Today, a plethora from all ethnic groups are more than eager to discover their personal history.  For most, their discovery proved well worth the effort. It is interesting to witness the excitement displayed when the revelation someone is likely a direct descendent of a well-known historical character. Simple words cannot capture the unspeakable joy of the discoverer. On the other hand, it is not unusual for others to wear blinders as if they can conceal a part of their history they wish to forget. Connecting bloodlines is no new phenomenon. Modern science has done much to prove definite links — provided the mechanism hasn’t been adulterated accidentally or by sinister design. Millie’s new book, which is due for release in 2018, does much to authenticate a stable link between two families with apparently disparate origins, hers and J. Edgar Hoover‘s.









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