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Groovy Grant
Groovy Grant’s Old G’’s Hang Out is broadcast live on KKIF FM radio from Kansas City every Wednesday from 3 to 6 p.m., CST; insightful interviews, music (blues, R&B, jazz, and more).

For the 2021-22 radio season, on-air-radio personality Groovy Grant, with the assistance of media specialists, will explore taking his #1-rated KKFI FM radio show to even greater heights in urban and suburban markets. He is also entertaining possible television options that will compliment his national radio presence.

Groovy Grant is a Kansas City, Missouri, historian, musicologist, and one of the most recognizable voices in regional FM radio. For more than 30 years he has set the tone for producing radio shows with insightful celebrity interviews. But not content to be a one-trick pony, he is ranked among the nations best  professional photographers, and his current show (blues, R&B, jazz) on “Old G’s Hangout” airs on KKFI radio in Kansas City, Mo.  A member of UMMA Media Network, he studied saxophone and string bass  at University of Missouri in Kansas City. He then, with the aid of a grant from the KPRS School of Broadcasting in 1972 that was was sponsored by philanthropist Sam Cornelius, devoted 22 years of continuous volunteer work in diverse communication mediums in Missouri. In addition, during that period, he used his own company, Just Out Productions, to build his portable broadcasting cart as he was in constant demand at fundraisers and formals. During leaner times, he created custom-made postcards and did a brief stint with the Kansas City Missouri School District. Presently, he heads up the Audio-Broadcasting Department of his local house of worship. Clearly his love of music, the preservation of the history of African-American institutions and commerce, and his sticktoitiveness fed his drive for perfection.  On the radio interview scene, he continued to seek out interesting subjects to air during weekly segments of his show, including Billy Eckstine, Albert Collins, Charles Brown, and Johnny Taylor. Through his company, Just Out Productions, Groovy’s talent creates custom family, organizational and memorial photography booklets along with his state of the art photography of celebrities, entertainers, elected officials, and weddings have put him in constant demand. Recently, he joined forces with Phil C. Brown Public Relations in tracking the cultural history of ethnic groups in the blues city. At KKFI radio, he established the Original Traffic Jam show and his current show Old G’’s Hang Out, which is broadcast live every Wednesday from 3 to 6 p.m., CST. Whenever listeners to his show tune in, they are treated to many musical surprises representing multiple generic classics, including jazz, classic R&B, and gospel. His limitless library of selections make it impossible for boredom to set in, and Groovy assures all that it will remain that way from now to eternity!

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TOPIC:  “Urban Trends In Lifestyle And Culture” for speaking engagements hosting Groovy Grant at your group gathering or school, contact the speakers desk at (817) 681-6068.

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