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When The Beatles first landed in the Big Apple in the 1960s, one of our finest on-air radio personalities, Cal Lynch, was expecting them. He was on the staff of the US record label who signed The Beatles. Interestingly, Cal had no idea how HUGE the quartet would soon become. So he skipped private functions where the foursome were hosted and avoided hobnobbing with them. As he reflects back on those exciting times and the greatness that was in his palm, he feels blessed with a career that — six decades later — still flourishes. How’s that for starters? Born and raised in Brooklyn New York, Cal became obsessed with Rock N Roll from an early age. And not unlike a plethora of other big-city boppers near the inception of the then recently spawned musical art form — Rock N Roll — as he took a stab at ‘street corner singing’ like countless other would-be rock stars. He attempted a solo career upon taking lessons from a respected vocal coach who had an office adjacent to the famous Brill Building, a New York landmark known for housing great music companies that signed the finest young talent from across the nation and beyond. But determined to find his way, Cal experimented with composing songs to be submitted to publishers and matched with recording artists from various record labels. Singer/actor Jordan Christopher (formally of Jordan and the Fascinations) became a client. Interestingly, all of the above happened while Cal held down a real job at both Capitol and Colony Records during Beatlemania and through the 1980’s. But at the height of his musical ventures, he sailed off to the Navy and served his stint of duty. But he soon realized his real calling — an enduring career in the exciting entertainment business! During active duty in the 1970’s while performing various tasks and organizing a traveling variety DJ club, he prepared to take on the next phase of his never-ending journey: He became an on-air radio personality, landing gigs with stations like KUAM-AM, KSTO-FM, and California KEZL-F. Today he hosts a popular digital radio experience, The Memory Lane Oldies Radio Show  “HOT WAX and DOO WOP MEMORIES,” reaching back to great rock, R&B, and pop, playing the music that shaped nearly all that exists in the musical arena today. This also involves interviewing artists past and present and occasionally, stage, literary, and film personalities.  Follow his shows at  on Saturdays 7pm – 10pm Pacific 10pm – 1am EASTERN…Check out past celebrity airings at —

Listen to Cal Lynch’s SPOTLIGHTS — short artists bio’s with recaps of hits. He works with concert promotors and radio outlets, producing  voiceovers and concert audio and video promotions for airing on radio and all social media. For special appearances, including lectures, use contact information below or Phil C. Brown Public Relations:


Phone 619-449-2736

Phone direct: 619-857-1945

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